The Jaunt


In July or 2015 i was asked by The Jaunt to spent a week in Mexico City with the sole purpose to be inspired. Once i got back to the studio in Chicago I started working on very minimal graphic cut paper sketches of things pulled from the hundreds of photos I shot during my trip. I started with the loose blue and white tile patterns that adorn the street posts in La Condesa, I mixed in some bold stripes inspired by the backs of the food tents lining the streets and topped it off with a simple circle that not only references shapes I have been exploring for years but also brings back memories of sun shining down on my my whole trip. In the end this print is very much in line with my current body of shape based works but is also fully inspired by my time in Mexico City.

The Jaunt is a project by Jeroen Smeets, who acts as the curator and travel planner of the project. With a background in art ranging from editor-in-chief, to agent and gallery owner (and a variety of jobs in between) Jeroen started The Jaunt in the beginning of 2013. After talking to artists and keep hearing their desire to travel the world he found a way to fulfil their dreams.