Worship for Shut-Ins (Good Feeling)

Cody Hudson – Worship for Shut-Ins (Good Feeling)
March 11, 2017 — April 01, 2017 at Guerrero Gallery

Referencing a peculiar religious broadcast that the artist encountered on his family’s television as a child, Worship for Shut–Ins (Good Feeling) presents new paintings and sculptures at Guerrero Gallery by Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson.

Over the last two years, Hudson has developed a more decidedly painterly approach to his work, eschewing the earlier graphic-based paintings that employed drawing with graphite and ink over colorful surfaces on panel for succinct compositions of elemental shape and more expressive application of paint on linen. The results are bold, unique, and more directly tied to narrative and the natural world.

Expanding his recent palette of blues, yellows, and white to include pinks, red, black and gray, Hudson includes a series of smaller, more immediately object-based paintings to his newest larger landscape and mask-based works. He also presents several medium-sized square works with painted borders that mimic windowpanes festooned with foliage. The viewer is invited to look out through the painting’s surface, confronted by a delightful ambiguity as to whether the plant life exists on the interior or exterior. The artist balances these paintings with a series of new painted wood sculptures that are installed on the wall and hung from the rafters. Referencing the shapes of the sun and suspended plants, they serve to further contextualize the artist’s interest in the natural world and its forms.

All of the works continue to imply specific figures, landscapes, and objects, while remaining gleefully elemental and abstract. The results are visually mysterious and indexical, creating a poetic, charged environment for the viewer to connect in an intimate, personal way.

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