Cody Hudson at Left Field opens Aug 4

my second solo show at Left Field in San Luis Obispo CA opens Aug 4. more info soon…


Ledgerwood + Nelson at Practise

Did a poster (with cat drawing help from Birdie Rose) for the Judy Ledgerwood and Zoe Nelson show at Practise.

Posters available at the gallery with proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood.

Sketchbook Wednesday

Twenty-One at Subliminal Projects

June 3 – July 15, 2017
Subliminal Projects
Los Angeles, CA

w/ Aaron Rose, Adam Wallacavage, Aesthetic Apparatus, Aaron Rose, Albert Reyes, Andrew Holder, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Andy Jenkins, Ben Horton, Ben Venom, Chris Pastras, Claire & Jeremy Weiss, Cody Hudson, Curtis Kulig, DabsMyla, David Aron, Deedee Cheriel, Dennis Morris, Ernesto Yerena, Evan Hecox, Florencio Zavala, Francisco Reyes Jr., Glen E. Friedman, Jason Pulgarin, Jeff Ho, Jim Houser, Justin Krietemeyer, Kai & Sunny, Lucien Shapiro, Luke Ramsey, Mark Drew, Mark Gonzales, Matt Goldman, Mel Kadel, Michael C. Hsiung, Michael Sieben, Nathan Bell, Nicholas Bowers, Nil Ultra, POSE, Ravi Zupa, Russ Pope, Scott Albrecht, Seonna Hong, Shepard Fairey, Skullphone, Sterling Bartlett, Steve Harrington, The Cobrasnake, The London Police, Thomas Campbell, Tim Armstrong, Tim Biskup, Todd Francis, Travis Millard, Tristan Eaton, Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers), Winston Tseng, and more.

Worship for Shut-Ins (Good Feeling)

Cody Hudson – Worship for Shut-Ins (Good Feeling)
March 11, 2017 — April 01, 2017 at Guerrero Gallery

Referencing a peculiar religious broadcast that the artist encountered on his family’s television as a child, Worship for Shut–Ins (Good Feeling) presents new paintings and sculptures at Guerrero Gallery by Chicago-based artist Cody Hudson.

Over the last two years, Hudson has developed a more decidedly painterly approach to his work, eschewing the earlier graphic-based paintings that employed drawing with graphite and ink over colorful surfaces on panel for succinct compositions of elemental shape and more expressive application of paint on linen. The results are bold, unique, and more directly tied to narrative and the natural world.

Expanding his recent palette of blues, yellows, and white to include pinks, red, black and gray, Hudson includes a series of smaller, more immediately object-based paintings to his newest larger landscape and mask-based works. He also presents several medium-sized square works with painted borders that mimic windowpanes festooned with foliage. The viewer is invited to look out through the painting’s surface, confronted by a delightful ambiguity as to whether the plant life exists on the interior or exterior. The artist balances these paintings with a series of new painted wood sculptures that are installed on the wall and hung from the rafters. Referencing the shapes of the sun and suspended plants, they serve to further contextualize the artist’s interest in the natural world and its forms.

All of the works continue to imply specific figures, landscapes, and objects, while remaining gleefully elemental and abstract. The results are visually mysterious and indexical, creating a poetic, charged environment for the viewer to connect in an intimate, personal way.

Bay Pictures by Tessa Perutz also opens in upstairs gallery. for more info visit HERE.

How are you doing?

Norden Goods

Last year i designed a tea towel and a napkin set for the friends at Norden. Its available now in their shop HERE.

New Works

New works on paper. Adding more images to the website soon…


A little graphic high five for the sold out The Mattson 2 show in Chicago opening up for BadBadNotGood.

Untitled 2016

Ill be showing some new paintings with ANDREW RAFACZ (Booth C34) at Untitled Miami this year.

featuring works by:
Abdolreza Aminlari
Robert Burnier
Cody Hudson
Jason Lazarus
Sheida Soleimani

View preview HERE.

Object Matter

Object Matter
10 December 2016 – 21 January 2017
Opening 9 December, 18:00-21:00

The Mini Galerie is delighted to announce Object Matter, a group exhibition featuring small-scale sculptures by artists Merijn Hos, Clemens Behr, Marcus Oakley, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Stephen Smith, Eric Magassa, Cody Hudson, Graphic Surgery and Koen Taselaar.

Object Matter celebrates the ancient art form of sculpture by showcasing three-dimensional objects in wood, steel and ceramics by contemporary artists who are mostly known for their works on paper and canvas. By deviating from their normal practice their approach to this medium laden with history becomes profoundly personal and intuitive. The result is a group show of both abstract and figurative pieces that show a fresh take on three-dimensional art.

Room with a View

Excited to be in good company in this show at EDDYSROOM in NY.

MOCAD Benefit

This October 7, MOCAD is organizing a gala and benefit auction as part of the 10th anniversary of the Museum. With your support and help we can raise as many funds as possible so we can continue our ground-breaking exhibitions and public programs.

Ive got a piece in the auction that is live now! Check out the MOCAD Benefit Art Auction HERE.

Espace Exposition Collective

More info HERE.

Expo Projects

Ill also be presenting a new site specific piece as part of the Expo Projects section.

Cody Hudson
Hold It Up to the Light, 2016
Courtesy of ANDREW RAFACZ | Chicago

Cody Hudson presents a new site-specific installation of wall painting and sculpture. Extending his uniquely abstracted forms sourced from the natural world and the human figure, recently developed in his solo exhibition Dreams Burn Down at ANDREW RAFACZ, Hudson presents his large scale ideas exclusively for the EXPO CHICAGO audience.